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NICK123.com - Rental Property Listing/Leasing Agreement
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-Homes, -Townhouses, -Condos & -Apartments
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This rental property listing/leasing agreement is made between Agent RTT REALTY (Nick123.com) and
Property Owner(s) PRINTED NAME(s): ______________________________________________________
hereinafter OWNER. The Owner contracts with RTT REALTY (Nick123.com), hereinafter AGENT/BROKER,
to find and solicit potential residents for their rental property.
Rental Property Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________________________ State: FL Zip: __________________

1.) Term: This Agreement shall remain in effect for a period of 30 days, and will automatically renew thereafter.
2.) Termination: Owner may terminate this agreement by providing written notice to Agent via email/fax/or mail.
3.) Rental Fee: Owner agrees that Agent will be compensated a rental fee equal to one (1) full month rent; First
month rent from tenant is retained by Agent. This rental fee will only be earned for transactions that are
performed by Agent. If the Owner rents the property to a tenant that was not located or moved in by Agent, then
there is no rental fee due; however Owner may hire Agent for application processing, and/or lease move in
execution and/or property inspection and/or HOA form processing and/or property management or sales.
4.) Payment: All subsequent monthly rent and all deposits shall be paid to Owner, via mail or bank deposit.
5.) Tenant Processing: Agent has the right to screen potential tenants, perform credit checks, rental verification,
employment verification, criminal background checks and HOA processing prior to lease. Owner has the final
decision on application lease approval and is provided supporting documentation during the process.
6.) Marketing Costs/MLS: Agent will pay for all marketing and advertising costs associated with effectively
securing and keeping premises rented to desirable tenants. Agent will exclusively enter property into MLS
Multiple Listing Service to cooperate with other brokerages. Time is of the essence while premises are vacant.
7.) Signatures: All legal Owners of this property should sign this agreement; but failure does not negate terms.
8.) Hold Harmless: Owner shall indemnify and save the Agent harmless from any and all costs, expenses,
attorney’s fees, suits, liabilities, damages from or connected with the leasing of the property by Agent, or the
performance or exercise of any of the duties, obligations, powers, or authorities herein or hereafter granted to
Agent; Agent shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred as a result of said action.
9.) Optional Real Estate Services: Optional property management can be added at any time for a ten percent
monthly fee for the remaining months of the lease. Also- sales, applications, lease executions, inspections, tenant
negotiations, lease renewals and various real estate services are available on a case by case, ask Agent for details.
10.) Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and no
modification shall be binding unless signed by all parties.



OWNER's EMAIL(s) and/or FAX:


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Prepared by Attorney:
Christopher T. Hersem, P.L. (813) 251-7291 - 1550 West Cleveland Street, Suite 9, Tampa, FL 33606