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Apply Now - Download the Application (PDF)

1. Select from the Current Rentals to Visit/Apply .. Click- SEE CURRENT RENTALS
2. Download, Print & Complete the Application above.
3. Pay the Application Fee of $50 (add $30/ extra adult)
4. Send all of the above to Nick Smyka:
    - FAX: 813-434-2363
    - Or EMAIL:
    - Or DELIVER/MAIL: 3902 Henderson Blvd. Suite 208 #112, Tampa, FL 33629
    - Or MEET AT THE PROPERTY: Call (813-598-3134) to Meet & Complete the Application.

Application Fee
- The application is $50 (add $30/ extra adult) and is required to begin your application.
- Debit cards & credit cards are accepted ( fees apply: $3 or so )
- Personal checks or money orders are accepted.
- Cash is accepted if given in person to staff.

Income / Asset Verification
... To complete your application, I will need to verify your income and/or assets with documentation. There are several ways to do this.
Provide one of the following:
  • Paystubs or copies of paychecks for the last month.
  • Bank statements over several months (proof of employment also needed).
  • A letter or fax from your employer stating your monthly income.
  • If you are unemployed and have significant assets, please document your assets.
  • If you are self-employed, show accountant statements or 1099 tax form.
  • Have a co-signer fill out a separate application with fee and send it with yours.
  • Provide your employer's phone number so we can request an employment letter (this will delay your application).
Rental / Mortgage Verification
... During your application, a positive reference from your landlord will help you get approved. All you need to do is put your landlord's phone number on the application. If you want to speed up your application, simply get a letter from your previous landlord stating whether or not you paid the rent and send this letter to me (see contact information below). If you have had a mortgage that was kept in good standing, then you will not need a landlord reference.

Qualifications for Approval
...Your application will be processed and your qualifications will be verified as soon as possible, usually within one or two business days. Property owners look at several areas of your background to determine if you are a qualified renter including rental history, credit history, income and criminal history.

If you have decent employment, have paid your rent and utility bills on time, have honored most of your debts, have no major felonies and have no evictions, then you have a good chance of being approved.

POOR CREDIT: If you have had some trouble with credit problems, then you can still be approved for certain rentals.
--- Call me for details: 813-598-3134
Credit problems might involve slow rental payments, slow mortgage payments, slow credit payments, low credit scores, collections, foreclosures etc. Your application can be approved if you can show decent income and a history of good rent and utility payments. Or if this is not possible, you can choose to pay a slightly higher deposit to get your application approved. For example, if you have low credit but you have income, then $200 to a full months rent of extra deposit can get your application approved in certain rentals. Also, you can use a co-signer that has good credit that will sign the lease with you promising to be responsible if you fail to pay the rent. Co-signers must fill out an application with fee as well.

EVICTION: Evictions are a very difficult credit challenge when renting an apartment. Sometimes I can work something out.
--- Call me for details: 813-598-3134.

UN-PAID LANDLORD DEBTS: If your credit shows un-paid debts to past landlords, then this is a very difficult credit challenge when renting an apartment. Sometimes I can work something out.
--- Call me for details: 813-598-3134.

BANKRUPTCY: If there is a bankrupcty on your credit within the last two years, then this is a very difficult credit challenge when renting an apartment. Sometimes I can work something out.
--- Call me for details: 813-598-3134.

FELONY CRIMINAL HISTORY: If you have been CONVICTED of a felony, then this is a very difficult challenge when renting property.
--- Call me for details: 813-598-3134.
If your criminal history shows a minor non-violent, non-fraud felony such as "Driving with a Suspended License," or "Driving Under the Influence," then your application can still be approved. The owner of the rental can choose to approve these minor felonies on a case by case basis. If you have ever been convicted, pled guilty or 'no contest' or had an adjudication withheld to a sexual offense, a major drug-related criminal offense or a violent felony then you will be automatically denied. If you have ever been listed on the registry of sexual offenders then you will be automatically denied.

In order to remain compliant with Fair Housing standards, our property owners are presented with a residential screening service with a standardized statistically validated scoring model that owners are allowed to over-ride in cases with no evictions and no landlord debts if they chose to approve the application. I encourage you to pick a rental property and apply now !!!

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